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A brilliant tour

“The hidden Delta – Estuary Cardiff you never knew existed”

The tour with Peter Finch, organised by Cardiff Cycle Tours, had it’s first run last Saturday.  A good turnout, and a very diverse group came together to be guided by Peter through the labyrint of hidden waterways in Cardiff.  Starting from the Coal Exchange, which is, these days, a very sick building, boarded up, closed off, empty…very empty, Peter kicked off with Mewn/Mas.  From the old to the new old – the Pagoda, or the County Council offices, like a distorted Frank Lloyd Wright building on the edge of an enclosed dock.  We learned about desperate office workers looking for food in a then desperate dock area, idea was to connect centre with the docks.  Well, it did not really happen, and now, new plans, great plans for a new conference centre are on the cards.  We cycled through the “Venice of the West Dock” to end up at the Potato storage building, remembering all the Irish from Newtown and then just touching Splott, and looking at the magic roundabout which fortunately has no damage on the artwork yet.  Crossing the railway bridge and getting onto the other side of the town, we remember the Vulcan.  Swiftly on to Churchill way, we followed the hidden feeder.  A discovery in Park Lane, and reflecting on remnants of what once was the main feature of the town, the Glamorganshire Canal.  We now felt the psychic centre of Cardiff and let the energy lines run through us.  Needed to confront the horrendous traffic in Westgate street, not ships, as it once was, but buses, big buses with big bus drivers in it.  After some reflection on the big floods and St. Mary’s, we ended up sailing through Mill Lane towards Bridge street, or where the New Library is now.  There, Peter Finch concluded with a fine poem.  A fantastic afternoon of cycling and literature. 


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