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About Cardiff Cycle Tours

Truly the best way to explore this beautiful and fascinating young city is by bike.  Cardiff Cycle Tours gives you a unique experience of time and place, setting a leisurely bike ride within a historical context.  This is a fascinating city, reflecting in many ways the history and future of Wales.

Cardiff is rapidly becoming a great cycling city, and we want you to have a good time for a couple of hours.  Our Pashley Bikes, made in Britain,  guarantee a comfortable and leisurely ride.  No sweat, just pure enjoyment and relaxation, it is flat and the sun (almost) always shines.  And the bikes are included in the price !  Cardiff Cycle Tours is all about  taking it easy and enjoying.

Looking out over the Bay

A Private View

About Pol, your guide

I am originally from Bruges in Flanders, Belgium , and have been living here for over twenty years with my (Welsh) family.  I am passionate about cycling and walking and have explored every inch of every remote part of this beautiful country.  Discovering Cardiff by bike, combined with guidance on the history of the place, is a unique experience that I want to share with you, so come and join me.

A great view at the Wetlands in the Bay