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Bute Park

impressionButeParkThis is a somewhat “impressionist” picture of the magnolias in bloom in Bute Park.    This is one of my favorite places in Cardiff.  It brings together many elements of what Cardiff is about.  The Taff is just a hundred meters away, behind are the remnants of the Blackfriars buildings, silent testimonials of the Middle Ages, in front is the Gorsedd, a firm symbol of Welsh culture (remembering the Eisteddfod of 1938), and of course there is the imposing castle, with its nineteenth century folies but also with traces of much older occupation.  The Bute Tour takes you through all this beauty and historic relevance, getting more aware of the shape and heart of Cardiff.  Cycling through Bute Park at any time of the year is a real pleasure, but especially at this time, when the magnolia flowers are out, it is an uplifting experience.  What’s your favorite springtime location ?


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