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Cardiff Bay and the Little Yellow Stars


Ever wondered what these yellow stars are ? You might have walked over them many times, just in front of the Wales Millennium Centre, without noticing, or you just saw them once and thought that this might be some walk of fame in the making, waiting for the names of the famous singers and performers to be added.  Or maybe it was just a practical joke, some yellow paint left and not knowing what to do with it, so why not create a corridor of yellow stars around the Wales Millennium Centre.  On my cycle tours, many times, I waited for clients to take the Bute tour or the Bay tour, starting from here, looking at those stars, putting the bike left, right or straight on it.  One day, waiting for a Cardiff Cycle Tour to start, I was close to the entrance, when a representative from the Millennium Centre came up to me and said I could not be there with this bike advertising Cardiff Cycle Tours.  I was surprised and asked for some explanation.  And that is when the stars started to make sense.  They are the border between the land belonging to the Centre and public land.  A line of stars marking the cross-over.  He was happy for me to stand on the other side of it, no probs there, but crossing the stars meant I was venturing in public-private partnership owned land, no place for Cardiff Cycle Tours to show their product.  I gently cycled just across the stars and that’s where I am now, gazing through the stardust created by this fine line at the Millennium Centre.  No hope my name will ever be added on one of them – although, maybe I could one day, imprint small initials next to it, claiming that star as mine.



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