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Is cycling in Cardiff safe ?

It is definitely one of the great barriers for people to take up cycling again and enjoying it.  It is a difficult question.  Cardiff Cycle Tours takes you along traffic free paths which get you to the main landmarks in the city.  So in that sense, Cardiff is a safe city to cycle.  Thanks to Sustrans and the people in Cardiff Council who, with a limited budget, have made great cycle routes in Cardiff like the Taff trail, and less known, the Ely and Rumney trails, the city is on the verge of becoming a great city to cycle .  Having said that, it still is not a cycling city, there are too few of us around to make cars and buses really take notice.  Areas around the university, Roath Park, City road and Cowbridge road ask for a riding confidence that many of us don’t have.   Many areas of Cardiff with great cycling potential have not been unlocked.  Ely and Caerau are a point in case; there is hardly any provision for cycling, although this is a very dense and young part of the city.  Anything we can do to change that is very welcome.  So if you want to venture out in Cardiff, and you are quite confident in cycling, do not stay just on the obvious routes, get to know other parts of the city, and hopefully, we all will grow towards an acceptance that cycling in Cardiff is no different from cycling in Amsterdam of Copenhagen or Bruges.  It would be wonderful if that can happen, and it would give Cardiff another unique feature that other cities in the UK can only be envious of.

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