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Pontcanna Fields and the Pope

PontcannaAs we are entering a new era for the Catholic Church, it reminded me of the fields in Pontcanna, part of our Bute Tour at Cardiff Cycle Tours.  Pope John Paul II came here in 1982 to celebrate an open air Mass to an enthusiastic Welsh public.  They had come in their thousands to celebrate with him.  It must have been a great happening; it is a wonderfully grand place to celebrate, in the heart of the city.  Next to the Taff, still untamed by the barrage then.  Some good information of that memorable day can be found on this link.  The Hennesseys were performing and you can hear their song.  The wobbly bridge over the weir, from what I understand, dates from that visit.  It is now a great place for rugby and football, and on a Saturday and Sunday, it’s buzzing with activity.  Come here on a cold winter’s day, and you will see sparse people walking with their dogs, bend into the wind that can sweep right down from Caerphilly mountain.  Come here on a warm summers day, and the place is full of young people, soaking up the sun, the smell of barbecues mixed with the laughter of opportunity.  I love this place, you go past the cricket stadium, through the old wall, and there it opens up, the green heart of Cardiff.  Are we really still in the centre of Cardiff ?  Let’s keep it that way !  Divine.

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