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Real Cardiff by bike with Peter Finch ” The hidden Delta – Estuary Cardiff you never knew existed”

I’ve been living in Cardiff for over 20 years, and the place has changed enormously, Cardiff Bay, the whole new development around Mill Lane, the Hayes.  Only when I started to run Cardiff Cycle Tours, and delved into the history of this place, did I realise how different it looked, just a couple of decades ago.  And cycling with Peter Finch, defining the cycle tour, it hit me that the water, the rivers, the docks, the canal, it all was put away, disappeared out of the experience that you have now when you walk in the city.  Closed in, closed down, invisible, it runs through the city and murmurs of an industrial past that is forever gone.  Discover this and you will feel closer to what made this city prosper and grow, no need to hide things, as if it is an old coat you have to get rid off.  Show it, feel it and you will get in touch with a history which shaped you and the environment you live in.  Join us on the tour on 22nd or 29th June with Peter Finch.

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